The law of attraction explained

The law of attraction explained
The law of attraction explained - indeedwords

Different laws operate our nature and universe. Everything is set and governed by these laws and follow them strictly. It has created a perfect balance which we find everywhere and in everything. But we sometimes hear a law that is relatively unknown to many. That is the Law of Attraction. One can as, what is it and how it works? What are the ways it interact with different people? Well, it is as simple as you get and as complex as you go deep into it. The Law of attraction is all about the power you initiate and possess in your mind. Our mind is based on different kinds of thinking patterns that allow us to interact with various individuals at a different pace. With few, we go beyond the words, and we find comfort with them. With others, we get along nicely, and they became our best friends. Whereas few become random travellers with whom we meet once in a while.

So, what is it really that makes this law unique? Let’s find out more in this video.

Law of Attraction is among the mysteries, and it is quite hard to explain, however, understand that this is a special force that initiates from your potential thought which defines the different pathways in life.

In simple words, it’s all about ‘Asking, Believing and Receiving’. Which means the way you think, the way you will get.

Let me tell you a short story; there was as a painter who used to make beautiful paintings, mostly of alleys, houses and women. He was looking for marriage and trying to find someone to be a partner with. After a few days, he figured out that he does not find genuine people and all he gets are those who take the opportunity from him. So, he decided to go to a relationship coach and ask a few things. He visited a coach and asked her what is wrong with this all?

 She asked him: ‘what do you do’?

He said: ‘I am a painter who draws different paintings?’

She asked: ‘Show me some of your paintings?’

When he showed her, she found that there is something wrong.

She said: ‘You have seen many women who are both good and bad, but all you are focused on, are the bad ones. That is why, your portrait all the negative women and paint them in your canvas.

This is the effect of your thought process. What you think is what you get. Your thoughts are controllable to some extent, and mostly it depends on you how you wish to control them. Either you desire to let them go by, just like many cars in the street? Or you try to stop every vehicle from managing your thinking. All you need is to understand that what you do will affect your thoughts also.

You have also heard many of times that there are doctors who give you sugar-coated medicines to help you out by not giving a heavy treatment and says that this will end your pain. That tablet does help you. But do you know that the tablet is nothing but just a sugar-coated sweet candy? This is called a placebo effect. Your mind thinks that this will affect you and that tablet does.

This means that the way you think, your mind performs similarly and it allows you to achieve the way you think. If you ever observe the fighters and boxers, they always undermine the opponent and tell others that they have a great chance over the soldier they compete with.

Reason? All they want is to increase the perception of their strength and understand that they can do what they want. This positive thinking allows them to consider their power rather than the ability of the other person and let them fight with more aggression.

How to use the law: 

You might argue as to how to use this law and in what way you can use it for your benefit? Well, the best way to apply best practices is to understand that your thoughts matter most.

There are many things that you cannot control; however, try to change those things what you can control. For example, you are not able to find work, and there is a reason in your country. But what you can do is try to work as a freelancer, think of portraying your talent on YouTube and Instagram? You can apply for a few courses that can help you out, try to volunteer your services for a company.

In this way, you would be get noticed, and people will get to know who you are.

The Law of Attraction is straightforward, and there is no hack to it. All you need is to be concerned about what you think and how you do. The way you go about the things, you will get the result of it sooner. Few small tips will allow you to make the law of attraction work in your favour.

1. Make a connection with the law of attraction. Make it a habit of being sincere to use your best ability and best self. Present your best personality at every occasion and opportunity. This will allow you to be in good connection with the law and help you to maintain a happy status with your performance.

2. Try to attract wealth towards you. If your mind brings different ideas, these ideas will allow you to have adequate wealth and get many things as you want. With a great purpose, you can expose your thoughts for a new plan, and you will gain wealth attracted to you.

3. Improve your mental and physical health. If you are dull in confidence, try to pull yourself and do some exercises. It will allow you to have some space of thinking and bring the spirit. Your mind always thinks how you act upon it. So be careful and what you see and what you consume.

4. Increase your self-confidence. Try to battle with something that allows you to have to build your confidence. It can be games or any small thing that will enable you to develop self-confidence.

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