How to get anything that you want?

How to get anything that you want - IndeedWords
How to get anything that you want - IndeedWords

There is always a case when you try to put your heart out to something to achieve. But, once you get a setback, you lost your way and got settled for something meaningless. What drives you most of the time is your will, and if you leave things and feel that they are no more important to you, things also go you. No matter, if it is a skill or a trait which you took to acquire for long. 

You might have noticed that there are a few times where you wish if you ever had to go back and do the same what you are doing now. 

A tiny bit of defeat distracts us most of the time and make us emotional like a child. We tend to develop a faith that this might not work for me, or I can not reach this far. What you can think of is, how shall I go this far! How can I get what I am looking for? 

As the search is quite challenging, so is the journey, as it has fewer flowers and many thrones. You have imagined that there were many, you left in the way just because the compromised on something of significantly less. They imagined that there is no more worthy of working hard for something that might not give you a precise result. 

So, what to do then? How to be more steadfast on what you believe in? How to replicate the same passion as many like Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates and others? 

Well, if you are looking towards this way, you might need to pack a few things with you for the journey. 

One of them is Persistence. This means ‘to not to give up’ at any condition. Consider it like a rope which is the last chance for you to stay alive, as if you grasped it, you would end up your life. If your dream is means to you more or similar to oxygen in the year, this will bring you Persistence. Persistence not only allows you to be upright, stay healthy and determined, but it also allows you not to lose the path. There will be times when you would not get the job you are qualified for and will lose your temper. All you would need is to have firm faith in what you are looking for. 

If you have ever heard the story of societies, you will get an idea when he said

‘When you want success as badly as you want air, then you will get it. There is no other secret of success.’

Socrates did not discuss the factor of losses. He knew that you would have to be determined that losses come with a great victory, only for those who are determined to get what they need. Losses are there to let you know that this method would not work; all you need is to try with a different way. This can take you towards many ways and help you in getting your way quickly. 

To get success, better understand your psychology. As you manage yourself and therefore you will draw your path. Your path will define where you will go. But all will be done if you are looking to get by the things and making sure that you know how to manage yourself. If you lose patience quickly, use your anger for something better. 

Use it in a way that it benefits you not hurt you. If anger gives you a negative feeling and takes you in depression, use it in a way that it helps you in thinking of what more you can do and how can you find any other way. 

The more you get angry, the more you push yourself to get better pathways. This will help you as a catalyst, which means angrier you will get, the harder you will push. 

If you have a habit of taking stress quickly, change it into a positive habit. Think of what you can do to change things around you in a better way. Try to look at positive aspects of your life and achievements. This will allow you to take control of the negative aspect of your thought process. 

The third thing that you should know more is Luck. We all talk about it many times that ‘luck did not favour him’ or ‘she was not that lucky’. They might be a hard worker, but all they miss was trying again. 

Remember, Luck is not a fluke. In reality, it is all about the number of chances you took and how many times you tried. It is an opportunity that you get and find a way to success. Luck is all about putting yourself to a condition and be brave enough to get recognized. Your hunger will help you in this case as it will allow you to get noticed and push yourself harder until you get what you have aimed for. 

If you send your cv for a job, it will end up in their piles of data, and your name won’t be called again. Think of two-three ways of how your name can be recognized. Call and try to talk to a recruiter, email them if you can. Send them an email and as essential things about the job. The more the name appeared, the more they would be intrigued to know about you. This will help you to increase your probability of getting to know your recruiter more and get a chance of interview. 

If you have been thinking of getting something you are looking for, for long. Learn the art of being persistent and keep doing what you believe in. Change your anger into a push that drives you towards your goal. Put your best at any time you try and keep trying harder until you get what you are looking for. Your commitment will take you nearer to your goal.