Why Friv New Menu Is Not as Good as Friv Old Menu?


There are a lot of reasons that makes Friv Old Menu a lot better than the Friv New Menu.

So let’s first discuss, what really is Friv? Friv is one of the best gaming menu for young kids and toddlers. It has a lot of games all packed in 1 page which makes it look cool and attractive. To be specific, Friv has more than 250 games. But recently, they did updated their menu which isn’t as good as the Old Menu.

So why Friv did updated their Old Menu?

Actually, the Friv Old Menu is no longer available because the Adobe Flash Player has expired for all games using a 2020 or earlier flash. But the Friv New Menu isn’t as good as the Friv Old Menu.

Here are couple of reasons that gives Friv New Menu and advantage over Friv Old Menu.

  • Friv New Menu has a less games compared to Friv Old Menu.
  • The Friv New Menu isn’t as appealing as the Friv Old Menu.
  • Several Old Friv Games are no longer available in the Friv New Menu.
  • The Friv New Menu does not pack everything in 1 page like the Friv Old Menu.

If you want to play Friv Old Games then stay tuned with us as we are going to bring a lot of information regarding Friv Old Games and Friv Old Menu.