Why did friv delete their old version?


Friv has millions of users. Why? Because it is loved by kids especially 5-10-year-old ones like it a lot due to its entertaining and charming games which makes people play on it. So in this article, we will let you know all about the “Secret Games on Friv 2021”. Playing games is a passion and a way for income for some of us but most of us play for entertainment purposes. It gives the charm that we don’t find in any other thing and one of the best Menu for it is Friv. But why did they updated their version? Why did they disable the old version even when it has a lot of fame?

Previously, we got an article on “How to open old Friv games?” and it helps you open the old menu but now Friv has deleted that method and now no one is able to open old menu. This is maybe because they were not able to run enough ads to generate revenue or maybe they just didn’t like the old menu. There could be several reasons. But our main focus is how to get it back because there are hundreds of thousands of Friv Lovers so to get it back, we will have to appeal for it and for that we must make a community by promoting the friv games and making the friv organization release the old menu back as this is a way of fun for hundreds of thousands of toddlers and kids.

If you want are also a Friv Lover, then comment below and we will be able to come in a form of an organization to promote the old menu.