How to open old Friv games

How to open old Friv games
How to open old Friv games Indeed words

Friv has the memories of our childhood, but it is more than that. As we all know that Friv is one of the most played menus for kids and toddlers. Why? Because it has everything that grabs the mind of a youngster. So let’s discuss what happened to the old Friv menu and old Friv games. Why are they updated? Games are still there, but the menu is updated. So why are you here? Because in this article, we will be going through a step-by-step guide on “How to open old Friv games,” or we can say it “How to open old Friv menu.”

Step 1:

For that open your browser whether it is Chrome or Firefox and search “” in the search engine.

So here we are at the latest menu of Friv. Ahh! It looks weird playing games on such a complicated menu. But let is discover how to get back to the old Friv menu in the next step.

Step 2:

So in Step 2, wait for a couple of seconds then there will be a pop up saying “Click For Old Flash Menu –” it will be something like this:

Just click on that, and here we go to the old menu for Friv. It sounds good to get back to our childhood memories.

But this all does not end here because now it is essential to enable flash to get back to playing the games on the old Friv menu.

Step 3:

For enabling flash, you have to click on the secure icon at the top left corner of your screen and then just go over to Flash options and choose to allow.

The last step to get back to your memories is just reloading the page and here we go.

Here we are at the old menu of Friv so I hope you like this step to step guide on How To Open Old Friv Games

Don’t forget to share which of the game is your most favorite on old Friv.

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