DogeGame Explained || Everything You Need To Know About DogeGame


DogeGame is a gaming platform with a pay-to-win business model. The team is pretty sure that this is the future of gaming, with a progression from pay to play to free to play to where we are now. Play to Earn. DogeGame is still in its early stages and currently, the 2nd Presale is going on with a 4 time cheaper price. The 2nd presale will be going to end on August, 28th 2021, at 13:00 UTC. DogeGame’s first presale started on 13th August with a 6 times cheaper price. So let’s get into the details for DogeGame’s token and its main projects.

What is $DOGEGAME?

$DOGEGAME is a deflationary coin based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) ecosystem, with only a 1% tax on each transaction (buy/sell or wallet transfer), with 1% of each transaction paid to all DOGEGAME holders in the form of a dividend. So, yeah you can make money while just holding the tokens as well.

$DOGEGAME Tokenomics.

$DOGEGAME has a total supply of 100 billion from which 70% will be in the market, 10% in the development team, 15% for marketing, and 5% for the DogeGame team.

DogeGame’s Main Projects.

The DogeGame team believes that the gaming business will be the next great thing. It has now become a significant fad in the crypto industry. According to figures, gaming income reached a total of $175,8 billion dollars from January 2021 to June 2021!!

As a result, they have the DOGEGAME PARK. It will be a crypto-themed theme park! It will begin by releasing 2 features:


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