What is FREE Coin? Everything You Need To Know


The FREE coin is a utility coin designed to aid in the digitalization of the global money market. FREE Coin runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The coin can be found on the Ethereum Blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, and the TRON Blockchain. As a result, the FREE coin is one of the few cross-chain coins. FREE Coin was launched in April 2018 and reached an all-time high of $0.00002587 on April 16th, 2021.

This coin is a courageous and disruptive innovator with two main goals: GLOBAL MASS USAGE OF CRYPTO and MAKE CRYPTO INCLUSIVE.

Current Price:

FREE Coin Price Statistics By CoinMarketCap

According to CoinMarketCap, the current trading price is $0.000002813, a 73.77% increase over the last 24 hours. With a market cap of more than $29 Million.

Exchanges FREE Coin Has Been Listed On:

It has already been listed on numerous exchanges, including:

  • Hotbit.
  • Uniswap.
  • Latoken.
  • PancakeSwap.
  • CREX24.
  • ProBit.

It Has No Formal Central Management Team:

Decisions are made by the Administrators of the various FREE coin Telegram Groups (There are several Global, Regional, and National Telegram Groups active).

All people working on the FREE coin are unpaid volunteers. There is no paid advertising. The project was bootstrapped without the involvement of outside investors in order to achieve the greatest possible distribution among the population and to avoid crypto whales who could control the project.

What Can The FREE Coin Be Used For?

The FREE coin is an excellent starting point for learning cryptocurrency. There is a large and friendly community that assists newcomers in their first steps in crypto, it is traded on a large number of crypto exchanges, and it is supported by all major crypto wallets.

The coin creates real-world use cases in collaboration with external partners to demonstrate that crypto can be used for normal daily financial transactions. Perform FREE coin QR payments (webshops, physical shops, and person-to-person) via the Blockchain is one example of a use-case in the early stages of the project.

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Stay tuned with us, for more information on FREE Coin.


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