Cryptocurrency Market Going Up Adding $140 Billion While Flaggers Get Shamed


After surging down to nearly $28,000, Bitcoin has gained around $4000 in the past couple of hours, which seems to be a shame for flaggers who raised red flags for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is currently trading at $38,288.40 with an increase of 10.75% in the previous 24 hours. Not just, Bitcoin, but most of the altcoin market has also gone up today which includes Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, Polkadot and many other cryptocurrencies. The recent crypto hype, SafeMoon, also surged to around $0.000002924. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market added around $130 billion over the previous 24 hours.

So it seems that the market is now again on it’s track to go up. In the last 6 weeks, we have seen several downs and ups in the market with Bitcoin falling to just $28,000 from $60,000. With other cryptocurrencies also suffering a major downfall. But it seems to end.

So we hope the best for the future. #Cryptocurrency #CryptocurrencyRevolution #CryptocurrencyFamily

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