1000% Gains Stock Market Options Trading on TESLA and GAMESTOP (r/wallstreetbets)


Today, we’re going to go over 1000% Gains Stock Market Options Trading on TESLA and GAMESTOP (r/wallstreetbets).

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Today’s first user is Fontec, who lost his account’s 96% portfolio, which was $10,000 over the past couple of months. His account’s losses were made by buying call stocks on GameStop, puts on Tesla, and calls on Domino’s Pizza. The GameStop calls have most of the losses of almost $6,000. GameStop stock has been on a tear this year in the hope of the new console launches. It also benefited from a strategic investment from the Chewy Founder, Ryan Cohen, who decided to overhaul the company, shifting its focus towards the digital game’s sales. Unfortunately for user Fontec, he bought them too late. He bought stocks on a green day, and the stocks subsequently fell over 30% the very next day, causing him $60,000 on his calls. After this, he bought puts on Tesla, and we all know how unpredictable have Tesla worked out in the year 2020. He has had 1 last Yolo in-play, having Domino’s 420 calls that would have expired the very next week. Domino’s closed at $397 on Christmas EVE, so it has to increase more than $20 per share over the next few trading days to reach the $420 spiking price. There was almost no chance, or you can say slim chance, that this would have happened. As Fontec has faced a loss of $10k, half of his net worth, he does have $10,000 left. After the losses on yoloing on calls and puts, he had decided to switch his strategy to only selling covered calls while. This game strategy won’t give you too much gains, but it will likely make you a decent income with little risk. He plans to follow up this strategy for the next 3 years to make back at least some of his losses. We wish you the best of luck, Fontec.

Our next user is FatAspirations, who shared his Robin Hood screenshot, showing that his account was 555% up above $55,000 within 4 months. He started off with some calls and stocks on GameStop, and fortunately for him that went well for him almost every time. He has put his efforts and knowledge into GameStop’s fundamentals and nets long both stocks and options. Therefore, his portfolio got insane gains over the past few months. In the early December of 2020, he made a post explaining and analyzing GameStop’s earnings reports. In the post, he reported that GameStop’s earning had been recovering even when it was in pandemic and furthermore also said that the balance sheet has been looking as healthy as ever. Since this post, GameStop shares were reported to skyrocket from $20 at the spike rate of nearly $350 on 27 Jan and is currently at around $50. He reported in December 2020 that he would buy a spread for April like 20/30. He doesn’t have a price target on which to sell them. He said that he would consider selling them whenever the total shares are less than the floats on the market. Good luck with your trades, and thanks for the awesome assumptions.

So the next user is FlairTech, who posted a Robin Hood screenshot of his Robin Hood account with a negative 144%, which equals a loss of $31,000. So with put his account value at -$9,727.17. Most of his losses were related to Virgin Galactic calls when the stock falls on 14 Dec 2020 and have a 23% stock fall at that time. Virgin Galactic is a passenger spaceship maker, and they have had decided to start their first commercial flight in 2021. Still, in mind of December, they were forced to avoid their first powered spaceflight due to the ship’s engine cut out, which made the crew forced to make an emergency landing. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the incident, but this tanked Virgin Galactic’s shares to more than 20%. He doesn’t report exactly how his account went undervalued and ended up being negative. Fellow Robin Hood users did give him advices, while one of the user named Natronix31 recommended him to uninstall Robin Hood, which will eventually make the losses disappear. But sorry to say, this advice is not true as user FlairTech will do have to resolve his negative portfolio balance one way or another. We wish you the best of luck, FlairTech.

Our next user is Tim_Riggins, who have had built a charming portfolio performance. His earnings chart resembles the dinosaur’s outline while Tim_Riggins gives him the nickname, “The Stegosaurus.” The reason why this nickname suit is that it has been up to over 475% in less than a period of 1 year. A few WallStreetBets users asked him that how he was able to have such a great portfolio performance. Tim_Riggins made most of his money on a high-growth stock like Hepion Pharmaceuticals, a small biopharmaceutical company specializing in liver therapy and treatments such as for alcoholics. Its stock was hit hard by Covid-19 but then temporarily rallied upto 300% before falling back down, and that went well for Tim_Riggins as he was able to time it in a perfect manner while selling at its peak of $4. Furthermore, he also made plays on Ali Baba, Okta Inc, and Renewable Energy Group Inc. All of these stocks have had a strong performance for the most part of the year. Our heartiest congratulations on your gains, Tim_Riggins.

Our next user is iRhuko, posting a screen recording of his account, which took a wild ride through both gains and losses over the past year. He started his account in February with about $15,000 and then eventually started losing money as he could not do successful yoloing. But the twist did come in August as his account skyrocketed upto $22,000, which equals 41% gains due to his long calls on Tesla, which eventually benefited him. Unfortunately, his gains were temporary as his account tanked to around $680, which equals to nearly a 96% loss. A User on WallStreetBets commented that 2020 was a great year for the market with a spy-up of almost 14%. This sounds more impressive that iRhuko was able to get up on the trend with such astonishing losses. The performance between his portfolio and the broader market can be attributed to the fact that he was playing on options and not stocks. Small, short-term options and unfavorable moves in the stock can wipe out your position from the market whether or not the stock recovers over time. He was planning to put up all he has in one yolo in an attempt to make back his losses in the last week of 2020. As of his reports at that time, he has holdings of 3,400 strike calls on Amazon and $150 puts on Peloton. Both of them have expired in the last week of 2020 or the start week of 2021. These options have had almost been 7-8% out of the money, respectively.

Our next user is BraindeadCommunity, who have had made impressive gains in December 2020. From a base of nearly $8,500, he skyrocketed his account to almost $119K. He asked for a helmet in the post due to his meteoric gains, and some commentators commented that he already owns one. He earned his gains from options and stocks, including United Natural foods options and options in St. Joe Company and 3,100 shares of an undisclosed stock on which gained 151%. He could not disclose the name of the company due to various reasons, but he did give a hint and said that it is a Microcap Drone Company that does trades in the range of $2 to $8. He also said that the most recent as of December 2020 was $6. We believe that the stock is most likely to be the Parrot SA, a small French company that makes drones. Without a doubt, this Microcap stock has had done very well in 2020 and is also doing awesome in 2021. It did have a peak gain of almost 300% last year, but it has gone way above this year. St. Joe Company also had a great portfolio last year, with being up over 145% and very little volatility. United Natural Foods was the weakest performer of his investments, but it still did gain up more than 82% in 2020. Even if we see by the standards of WallStreetBets 1,300% gain is awesome. The trick we should have seen was that if he would have cashed them up before losing them. Congrats on your insane gains, BraindeadCommunity.

So it’s time to check out the biggest gain of today.

A user named Dexxxta on Robin Hood do claim to have $1.7 Billion invested in his Robin Hood account. That means he is a billionaire, right? As we can see on the screenshot, he claims to make $1.2 Billion dollars on his investments but didn’t show his postings. The comment sections pointed out that there were no decimal positions on the screenshot, which proved that the image is photoshopped. A commentator did commented that he has $1.7 billion but still Metro by T-Mobile. Additionally, if we calculate a $1.22 billion gain and an ending balance of $1.78 billion that implies that he has had started with $557 million, which would be a 212% gain. Although it’s a nice gain, the screenshot does claim a 10,000,000% gain, but without a doubt, this post is amusing and do teach us a lesson that one should not start up with other people’s gain as they can easily manipulate to seem way better than they really are.

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