Why Kids Loved Friv Old Menu?

Why Kids Loved Friv Old Menu?
Why Kids Loved Friv Old Menu?

The answer is that there is no reason to dislike it. It has a game of a variety from toddlers to boys to girls and even teenagers. The Friv Old Menu, also known as Friv Old Menu 2017 had a lot to offer all packed on 1 page. While the new menu isn’t that good. I should say it is not good or even ok. As it’s quite hard to find the old games and some are even not available. The new menu is also very slow and does not operate in the way the old menu did. The old friv menu was better in all ways from good games to speed.

Many people, including me have their childhood memories with Old Friv Menu. The old menu roughly had 500 games and all of them were unique in themselves. But do you know many of the old games are still available on several other platforms, like Bad Ice Cream, Fireboy & Watergirl, Age of War, Papa’s Games and a lot more games.

I will share details for several other websites which have those games on their menu so that you can play them for free. So keep tuned to our website for a lot more information on Friv Old Menu and Friv Old Games.


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