Reason Why Friv Deleted the Old Menu


Friv’s old menu widely known all over the world for its wide variety of games is no more. So the question that arose is that why is it not anymore available. The old friv games have been played by all over the world from toddlers to teens. It did have games for everyone. Some of the best games on the old menu were the Power Pamplona and the Bad Ice Cream. The old menu is also known for having 1000 games on 1 page which is one of the great reasons that attracts a lot of users. To be honest, it did have more than 1 Million Users.

The reason is that the adobe flash player 2021 has been updated and the older games of the 2020 flash player are no more available. So the question is, that is there any way to play the old friv games or get the old friv menu back. The answer to that is simple, “Yes”, it is possible but for that, the old games must be updated or we must have to figure out another way to use the old menu.

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  1. Computer games are beginning to have a growing popularity among children every year. The increasingly addictive effect of computer games prompts parents to worry about the negative effects of games on children. In the friv game site, children are playing games, as well as mathematical games that will help their lessons alongside games. These games contribute to children’s intelligent development.
    It is useful to know the best-selling game throughout the history of the game before going into depth. Mario is one of the best-selling computer games and has sold over 210 million units worldwide. friv 2 mario character has been in more than 200 votes.
    Today two-thirds of the American population is playing computer games. These games first appeared in the 1970s and became a source of fun and learning for both children and adults. Nintendo, PlayStation, or Wii games can be found in categories such as action, adventure, sports, entertainment, adult and education.
    Since the design of computer games, a comprehensive research has been launched on the effects of these games on children. These studies have revealed that the games have both good and bad effects, that the children change their gameplay according to their ages and the time they spend on games. Friv games have a positive effect on people. There are also cases where computer games have a positive effect on children.
    When playing computer games, children gain problem-solving skills, learn how to work in teams, and the perception becomes clearer. It also helps short-term memory grow. Playing computer games requires faster and more accurate decisions, so that decision-making skills improve.
    Hyperactive children are in a hurry and are forced to concentrate on the work they do. They can not use their intelligence because they can not watch the lesson because they can not sit at the beginning of the book.
    Attention can be used for the treatment of computer games for anyone who has little difficulty collecting.
    It is inconvenient that the only interest of the child is a computer. But it is important for the academic success of the child to use the computer in developing the mind.Do not let children learn violence on a computer, but use your energy to discover something.
    This should not be forgotten; Domestic violence is more harmful than violence on the computer.Link


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