5 Best Games on Friv

How to open old Friv games
How to open old Friv games

Friv Old Menu does offer a wide variety of games that attracts a lot of users. So while playing most of the Friv games, I came approach making up the list for the best 5 Games on Old Friv Menu (which is no more available). So let’s dig into our today’s list.

Number 5. Rise of Nindroids.

The Rise of Nindroids is liked by many for several reasons. Even I have had played it several times. There are some Ninja Warriors that you have to choose from to take over to play the game. All Ninja Warriors do have there have own capabilities to help you fight the enemies and overcome the dangers. You would have had also played this game on Friv. Also, this is maybe one of the friv games that used to be only available on the Old Friv Menu.

Number 4. Pipe Riders.

A game for youngsters that will also help them be sharp-minded. Why? Because in this game you would be driving a bike in a tunnel or something like that and you will have to save the rider from blocks at every step which makes you take fast and the right decisions. That is one of the reason I have ranked it on our list.

Number 3. Power Pamplona.

Although this game is already available with new interference on the new menu of Friv it is really not what we are looking for. The old menu’s Power Pamplona has a great interference with awesome missions. Power Pamplona is an extremely addicting online running game developed by Rexona Men. The game’s first and last stage is a bull run mission. The reason for that is that it was inspired by the world-renowned bull competition that takes place every year in Pamplona, a city in Spain.

Number 2.  Bad Ice-cream.

You might be assuming, why am I talking about this game because it is available on several different online gaming menu’s as well but without a doubt is one of the most played and liked the game on Friv. You would have also played this game sometime in your life or you would have to then go right away and play on any gaming menu. It does offer several different levels that will catch your mind and at last, you will win them all or will lose hope.

Number 1. The age of wars.

Being a good game for kids above 8 because it will need some calculations. This game is even available on the Play Store and has over 250k reviews on it. Playing it on Friv has always been a part of the fascination for me which led me to add this to the top of my list. You will have to fight with the enemies and have to beat them up at every age. It goes around from the most ancient age of dinosaurs and early people to the futuristic age.

I hope you like my list and if there are any of your favorites that we haven’t listed then do comment its name down below.


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