Joe Biden accepting Islam. A rumour or truth?

Joe Biden accepting Islam. A rumour or truth - IndeedWords
Joe Biden accepting Islam. A rumour or truth - IndeedWords
Joe Biden accepting Islam. A rumour or truth - IndeedWords
Joe Biden accepting Islam. A rumour or truth

There has been a lot of gossips and buzzes around the news channels about the Joe Biden. Some are true and others are false. As the results are yet to be declared in the favour of Joe Biden, there is an unofficial delay in the result that has created many rumours. Joe Biden will soon become US president as he was an elected candidate of Democrats. With a long margin, democrats got an authoritative victory over republicans. 

Unlike republicans, democrats keep a soft corner for the 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. With its video got viral among many on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. In which Joe Biden discussed his relationship with Muslims and how he will strengthen his ties with the Muslim community. But what inspires most as he added the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about the importance of stopping evil. Joe Biden has promised, that he would keep a successful relationship with Muslim countries around the world. He also added that he would rather be the president for the whole US states as the president of the United States, not a Democrat candidate.

With news such as above, there are no facts behind them. Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic Cristian who has been regularly attending the Mass at St. Joseph church in Delaware. With a great infliction to his religion, he has great respect of all the other religion and he expects harmony from the other religions. Being senator for almost since 1979, Biden knows all ins and outs of the politics and diplomatic remarks that allow him to have a potential grip over matters. What’s more important is how he look at different things in this case.

In fact, after having the societies polarized, the United States is in need of a president that gel people together and bring all the religions close in order to have a compact society. With being said a lot against different races, religions and countries from the White House, Biden is trying to make things up. With the renovation of mindset, it would take few years for Biden for building the community. With over 3.45 million Muslims in the United States, the message of the new president of the United States was received in different ways. Some took it as it might be his conversion or inclination towards Islam. While many took it as a great step to bring a ridiculed community closer. None can say what is written as a fate, however, it is a great beginning for a new president.

For any society, internal harmony and peace is always a key to strengthen the nation. This will arguably the best way to bring the community together and develop a great relationship with others.

Being heavily affected by Covid-19 pandemic, the United States needs to continue its progress in both financial and political scenarios. The country has to go through a phase of reconstruction. This allows it to be more dynamic by preserving its constitution and social synchronization of different communities.

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