Cory Sandhagen Vs T.J Dillashaw: What’s next for Dillashaw?


Another excellent party popper UFC Fight Night event will be on our heads soon, where two great fighters of the Bantamweight division will fight against each other in UFC Apex. The fight will take place on the 25th of July and will be live on PPV. Well, what makes this matchup so attractive, well there is a lot, but we will recap only the ranking aspect of the fight here. Do wait for our detailed fighters’ comparison blog to unfold each fighter’s techniques, tools, and tactics. 

Currently, the Bantamweight division is highly stacked where everyone is looking to dominate the competition and lead. With Aljamain Sterling and Peter Yan on the top tier (Aljamain Sterling is the champion, and Peter Yan is the 1st ranked contender), there is a lot to be folded. 

Fight Preview

So how entertaining this matchup will be? Well, here is what we think about how it will be played. First, Corey Sandhagen is an absolute stud on the ground with great tools striking in his armoury. Second, the only time was beaten thoroughly was through a rear neck choke by Aljamain Sterling, and that was quite astonishing. So how they fight might look like. 

Well, it would be more standup fight as we can see both fighters are good at striking. Unfortunately, with the likes of TJ Dillashaw, you will see more bad blood and trash talk in between the rounds. Cory can get a good advantage of his feet work and also kicks with keeping range with opponents. Dillashaw has to draw everything to make the fight look nasty and bloody as tactics would not work against Sandhagen. 

Stay connected as we will share more on this and let you know about tactics and our game prediction. 


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